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On September 20th, a celebratory launch introducing Journey to the East was held at the Eastside College Preparatory School in Palo Alto, California. Journey to the East, a program fully supported by DL Holdings and CJSE Family Foundation, aims to provide opportunities for Eastside students to learn about the world while developing into caring global citizens. This educational/travel program offers a trip to China as well as other relevant activities to allow the students to acquire knowledge on a range of topics about China. Using a variety of instructional approaches during eight months of training and discussions, the students will have ample of opportunities to be connected to the people and the culture of China.

Crystal Jiang – Chairman of DL Holdings / Founder of CJSE Family Foundation


DL Holdings is a one-stop financial services group headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Shanghai, San Francisco, and Singapore. Apart from providing tailor-made financial solutions, DL Holdings also mobilizes its resources towards supporting a sustainable world and making contributions that can benefit the broader public. CJSE Family Foundation is a philanthropic organization founded by Crystal Jiang (Chairman of DL Holdings) and her two children, Sherry Chen, and Ethan Chen. The Foundation focuses its effort to enhance social equity, educational advancement, and the welfare of animals.


Journey to the East, the most recent effort by DL Holdings and CJSE Family Foundation, is another brilliant example of their many worthy philanthropic pursuits. As Crystal Jiang remarks in numerous occasions, DL Holdings and CJSE Family Foundation are committed to executing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and promoting Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG). CSR and ESG are the main pillars of the organizations’ philanthropic structures. The current commitment will be a multi-year effort so its effect can be impactful and long-lasting. This exciting new program will perfectly align with DL Holding’s CSR and ESG visions as the company continues to carry out business practices that are sustainable, socially responsible, and environmentally conscientious.

Chris Bischof – Head of School, Eastside College Preparatory School

To realize this meaningful endeavor, DL Holdings and CJSE Foundation have found a perfect partner in the Eastside College Preparatory School. For twenty-five years, this nonprofit school has a dedicated mission to opening new doors for students historically underrepresented in higher education. Through Journey to the East, DL Holdings and CJSE Family Foundation are confident to use the China lens as the vehicle to help Eastside students to discover their potentials as global contributors and stewards of a humanistic future that has beneficial elements for all.


In his opening remarks on Sept. 20, Chris Bischof, Head of School of Eastside College Preparatory School, projects that Journey to the East will develop into a flagship program for the school. The program can help to jumpstart a new direction for the school as it embraces an enhanced global curriculum to serve all Eastside students. Mr. Kwong, the chief organizer, and administrator of the program followed Mr. Bischof speech by sharing with the audience an outline of the key components of the Journey to the East Seminar. One key element of the program is to have Eastside students gaining knowledge from many notable speakers and skilled practitioners in various disciplines. John Groschwitz, Director of Stanford’s Center of East Asian Studies, was also in attendance. Through his connection, Eastside students will learn from many scholars affiliated with this prestigious university.


Bill Kwong – Chief Program Administrator, Journey to the East


A highlight of the evening was Crystal Jiang delivering an inspirational speech sharing her personal experiences as an exchange high schooler some years ago when she first came to the U.S. She spoke of how a global exposure at a young age had shaped her future path and made her into a citizen of the world today. It is her wish that through her vision, Eastside students can follow her footsteps to become advocates of people connections and world peace. The final portion of this special evening had all ten Eastside Ambassadors (students in this first cohort) introducing themselves, giving details on how they believe this wonderful learning platform can enrich their young lives as they continue their robust educational journeys provided by Eastside College Preparatory School. Their enthusiasm for the program continues to permeate the room when they further share their excitements with Crystal and other guests during dinner. Fittingly, the organizer served authentic Chinese food for dinner, the first cultural lesson for a few of the students. The evening ended with every attendee going home with a full stomach and a sense of being part of something very special.


 DL Holdings and CJSE Family Foundation